The Results Will Come! Affirmations For Success and Strength!

Soak your subconscious will strength and belief. Get these powerful SUCCESS affirmations into you daily.

The Results Will Come! Affirmations For Success and Strength! – Motivational Video

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The Results Will Come! Affirmations For Success and Strength! – Lyrics, Music, Speech: Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speakers: Chris Ross, Ronald Braxton

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Transcript – The Results Will Come! Affirmations For Success and Strength! – Motivational Video | Fearless Motivation

If I do the work, the results will come… If I do the work, the results will come… If I do the work, the results will come…

If I work smarter, the results will come… If I work harder, the results will come… If I stick at it, the results will come… the results will come…
If I refuse to quit… the results will come! If I never give up… the results will come! If I am committed to find a way… the results will come!

IF I LEARN MORE and APPLY that learning… the results will come!

If I BELIEVE the results will come! Believe in me, believe in my work ethic, believe in the process…

If I am disciplined… the results will come!
If I am committed to get better every single day… the results will come!

I know for sure:
The proof is always in the work.
My future results will be a direct reflection of my EFFORT.

My future will be a reflection of my DESIRE!
The work I PUT IN.
No one else!

If I refuse to quit… the results will come!
If I never give up… the results will come!
If I am committed to find a way… the results will come!

If I BELIEVE the results will come!
Believe in me, believe in my work ethic, believe in the process…

If I am disciplined… the results will come!
If I am committed to get better every single day… the results will come! 

If I do the work, the results will come…
If I work smarter, the results will come…
 If I work harder, the results will come…
 The results WILL come…

My future results will be a direct reflection of my EFFORT.
 My future will be a reflection of my DESIRE!
 The work I PUT IN.

No one else!

I know for sure:
The proof is always in the WORK.

If I refuse to quit… the results will come!
 If I never give up… the results will come!
If I am committed to find a way… the results will come!
 If I BELIEVE: the results will come!
Believe in me, believe in my work ethic, believe in the process…
If I am disciplined… the results will come!
If I am committed to get better every single day… the results will come!

If I am relentless, the results will come!
 the results will come!

If I do the work, the results will come…
 The results will come…
The results will come…
The results will come!

results will come quote

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How To Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop

Unable to connect your wireless printer to your laptop? Finding an alternative way to connect your laptop with the printer? If so, then you have landed at the right place.

Having a printer is quite necessary nowadays if you frequently need printing files from the computer as it saves you from the higher printing price in the market. But connecting to the printer might be tricky for you if you have a wireless printer. As the traditional USB printer can be connected easily via USB cable but wireless printer needs a little more efforts in connecting to the laptop or computer.

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But not anymore as with the below ways for connecting a wireless printer to your laptop will help you a lot. So, let’s have a look at the various ways on how to connect a wireless printer to your laptop.

Top Best Ways To Connect Your Wireless Printer To Laptop

I. Connect Your Wireless printer To Windows

This method of connecting a wireless printer to your laptop is by connecting directly to the Windows. Follow the below instructions to connect your wireless laptop to Windows 10.

  1. First of all, in your windows search box, type printer. It will provide you a search result, Printer & Scanner. You need to click on it.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  2. Now open your Printer and connect it to your WiFi or local internet network. This process may vary system to system as well as printer to printer. But I can provide you with some information to make it easier for you.
  3. So, for the wireless printer, you have to use the printer screen and choose your WiFi network for connecting. If you have secured it with a password then enter the password of the network to connect the printer to it.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  4. Once the printer is connected to your WiFi then you need to connect Windows to the network printer. So, on your system, in the Printer&scanner window, simply click on add printer option.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  5. You have to click on “printer that I want isn’t listed” option.
  6. In the new window, you would see several options to add a printer. From the given ones, choose Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer and hit the next button.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  7. It will start scanning the available printers. When you see your network printer, click on it to connect to your laptop. That’s all you have to do and your laptop will be connected to the wireless printer with ease.

II. Using Homegroup

You can also share the printer between your computers. In this method, you can connect the printer to your computer and then share it with your laptop. Unfortunately, you can no more create or join HomeGroup in Windows 10. Well, it is not that complicated as it seems. Below are the complete steps for the same.

  1. First, you have to connect the printer to your computer or the device which is always on. So, if your printer is wireless then you can connect it as explained in the above option or the normal printer can be connected just by plugging in the USB.
  2. Once, your computer is connected to the computer, go to HomeGroup on your Windows. In the search box, type HomeGroup and click on the search result.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  3. Now, you need to follow some instructions in order to prompt the HomeGroup. You have to make sure that you have enabled Printers & Devices to be shared.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  4. It will then provide you the password of the HomeGroup which would be required by the other systems to join the homegroup.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  5. Now, on your laptop, go to the HomeGroup section. Here you have to join the HomeGroup as it is already created on the computer. So, click on the Join Now button. It would ask you to select the homegroup you want to get connected to and then simply enter the password in it.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  6. Now you can use the printer as if it is directly connected to your laptop. Whenever you need to print anything, simply hit the print button available in the print dialogue box of any program.

III. Using Printer Sharing Feature

If you are unable to connect your wireless printer to the laptop and also the HomeGroup option is not working, then don’t worry here is another solution for you.

  1. For this, on your computer to which your printer is already connected, open “Network and Sharing Center” from the search box.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  2. Now you have to select “Change advanced sharing settings”. In the private section, you would see an option to turn on printer sharing option. So check it and save the changes.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  3. Now in View devices and printer section in the control panel, right click on the printer and then choose printer properties.
  4. Here you have to check the Share this printer option in the sharing tab.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  5. Now you can install the shared printer on your laptop. For the same, go to Devices and Printers on your laptop’s control panel.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  6. Select, Add a printer option. And then choose to Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer option.
    how to Connect Wireless Printer To Laptop
  7. At last, choose the printer from the given list of the available printers.

So, these were the top 3 ways to connect your laptop to a wireless printer. Hope the article was helpful for you.

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Difference Between 32 Bit And 64 Bit Operating Systems

You must have heard the terms 32-bit and 64-bit operating system or software. Whenever you install games or software on your system, it asks you whether you want to install a 32-bit version or the 64-bit version. It is natural to wonder what these numerals usually mean.

These are the two different versions of OS. If you have a new computer or got one in the last decade than, you may have the 64-bit OS version. As the older computers used to have 32-bit OS but when the 64-bit OS came into existence, people start preferring them due to the several benefits offered by the 64-bit operating systems.

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You can check what OS you have installed on your system under the about sections in system settings. If you have a 32-it OS then there might be several reasons for it. Your computer may be outdated or you have not updated your software to 64-bit.

But what difference does it make, whether you get a 32-bit or 64-bit OS? Well, there is a huge difference between them. Below are some points which will help you to understand the difference between 32-bit OS and a 64-bit OS.

Key Difference Between 32 Bit And 64 Bit Operating Systems

Values Computer Can Have

The main difference between 32 Bit And 64 Bit Operating Systems is the number of values a computer can have. You need to understand this from scratch. We all know that the computer understands the binary language. So, in one bit there can either be 1 or 0. Which means 1 bit can computer 2 different values. The same way the 4 bits will have 16 different values. What we are doing here is to compute 2^4 which gives us 16. So, if calculate the value of 32-bit (2^32), we will get 4,294,967,296. That means a 32-bit computer can have 4,294,967,296 addressing values.

If we calculate the same for a 64-bit computer or operating system, we will get a number of over 18.4 quintillions. Which indicates that a 64-bit computer can have more than 18.4 quintillion values which is way more than that of a 32-bit OS. So, you see the difference is quite large, not merely a double one. So, it is clear that 64-bit OS is capable of storing and handling more values than 32-bit OS and hence, a 64-bit processor is more capable than a 32-bit processor. A 64-bit processor can have larger memory and memory addresses.

RAM Usage

Another difference between 64-bit and 32-bit OS is the capability of RAM usage. Whenever we think of buying a new computer or laptop, the first thing we want in that machine is high RAM. The computer having high RAM works smoothly even if you are dealing with multiple software. It can handle big software with ease. A high RAM can speed up your computer with ease. So, if you have a 32-bit OS then the capability of addressing would be much lower and hence your system will support a smaller RAM. The maximum RAM a 32-bit operating system can support is of up to 4GB. Even if you install a higher RAM, the OS would be able to utilize 4 GB RAM of the available one. This is a drawback of 32-bit OS that it can’t utilize more than 4 GB RAM.

On the other hand, a 64-bit OS can utilize up to 8 TB of RAM which is way higher than that of 32-bit OS. We all know that video games, engineering, software development, 3D graphics games, programs, etc demands high RAM. So, if you want to have a higher RAM in your computer for the high performance then make sure that you have installed the 64-bit OS in your system.

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32-bit OS is also different from 64-bit OS in the matter of compatibility. All the old programs and software run on 32-bit OS and most of them still support 32-bit OS. You can install those programs easily on your system and they will work perfectly if you have 32–bit OS. But what about the other software which only supports 64-bit OS. Well, you won’t be able to run them on a 32-bit OS as they are not compatible with it. Which means you can only run a software which is compatible only with 32-bit on your 32-bit OS and not that 64-bit compatible software.

But that is not the case with 64-bit OS. You can run any software on this OS whether it is 32-bit compatible or 64-bit compatible. Which means you can run each and every software on your system if you have a 64-bit OS system. The compatibility will not be an issue in a 64-bit OS. The 64-bit operating systems are designed with backward compatibility so that you can run even the 32-bit programs on 64-bit systems.


Now let’s talk about efficiency. Well, it is already clear that the 64-bit computer has more values and power of utilizing up to 8 TB of RAM would more efficient than that a system which can only utilize 4 GB RAM and can handle 4-times fewer values than the former. 64-bit OS is highly efficient. So, all the 64-bit software you install on your system would be more stable and efficient as they will get more RAM to utilize.

Security Features

One more crucial difference between 32-bit and 64-bit OS is the security features. Yes, with a 64-bit OS you get more security features. There are security features offered by a 64-bit OS including Address Space Layout Randomization to protect your system from attackers, Mandatory Driver Signing which prevents all the unsigned drivers to run on your system which is provided by malware, Kernel Patch Protection to prevent device drivers from patching the kernel, Data Execution Protection, WOW64, etc.

So, these were the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit OS. 64-bit OS offers you much more than a 32-bit OS and also is more compatible than that. So, whenever you need to buy hardware, make sure it is 64-bit so that you can install 64-bit OS and get the benefits of it. Although, these days if you buy computer chances are that it will come with a 64-bit OS or will support one such operating system.

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The Benefits of Applying CNC Machining Process for a Company

Creating metal or plastic parts and prototypes is not an easy process to complete. The process involves several complicated activities in order to produce high-quality parts and prototypes. Actually, companies are able to make the process easier by using the latest method known as CNC or Computer Numerical Control machining. The companies can also use the service offered by the to do the CNC machining process maximally. By applying it, a company gets some following benefits.

Low Price Machining Process

Just calculate the amount of money a company has to spend on a traditional machining process. By switching the traditional machining process with CNC machining process, companies are able to cut its spend. Plus, the process will be more effective because the materials will not be wasted, especially if the produces is using raw material.

Precise Machining Process

One of the reasons why a company has to spend a lot of money for the machining process is because the company fails to produce precise parts or prototypes just like what the end users want. As a result, the companies have to start it all over again. The case is different if your company uses the CNC machining process. The process involves the latest machine and it can be operated every day. The machine also has been formatted to produce correct a precise parts and prototypes. When there is only small waste or errors, the result will be more effective than before. Indeed, your company can earn more profit from the end users. offers this kind of service so your company can create precise parts or prototypes with minimal errors.  

Easier and Faster Machining Process

The best part of using a CNC machining process and traditional process is on the time to produce precise parts. Traditional machining process involves a lot of labors and it takes more time and energy to get the best final product. CNC machining process offers a solution because it uses computers and automatic system. The automatic process helps the machining process faster and easier with precise final products. It is not only increasing the time effectiveness but also boosting the quality as well as end users satisfaction.  

Achieve Goals Fast

Your company has to achieve the demand from the end users. Commonly, you have to finish it in a very limited time. You can handle it by applying the CNC machining process. The making of parts and prototypes from the end users can be done fast and it means your company is able to achieve the goals. So, it is not only the end users who are satisfied with the result but your company also satisfies with it.

The point is that CNC machining will change the way your company works, especially to produce high-quality metal and plastic parts or prototypes. This method helps your company to produce products faster and easier. Moreover, you will also get the benefits mentioned above. In the end, you can make your end users satisfy and it means you get more profit.

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How Site Speed Can Give Your Brand a Boost

Written by Michael Del Gigante

Designing a compelling website involves many elements, from fonts and images to interactive features and calls-to-action. Yet many marketers neglect one important detail: site speed.

Speedy loading times are essential to a great customer experience, and they can even impact your SEO. Why does loading time matter, and how can you get your site up to speed? The web experts at MDG Advertising have answered those questions and more below.

Why Do Loading Times Matter?

Developers have long taken loading times into consideration as they create websites. However, as consumers rapidly switch to a mobile-only environment, site speed is no longer just a consideration. Customers expect pages to load quickly on mobile, and 46% say that slow site speed is a nuisance when browsing online on their devices.

Sluggish load times present two major issues for marketers: first, they lead to decreased engagement and discourage the visitor from taking action—including making a purchase. Pages that load slowly tend to generate less revenue than their speedier counterparts. Plus, slow load times can cause a higher bounce rate: a load time of one second that increases to three seconds can increase the bounce rate by 32%. If loading times take 10 seconds, the bounce rate skyrockets to 123%.

How Can Loading Times Impact SEO?

There’s no doubt that search engines value quick loading times. Google and other search engines work to provide the most valuable information possible, which usually means that a fast-loading page is featured first. Google, in particular, has been transparent about this fact; last year, it reported that it would look at loading times for mobile sites, in addition to desktop sites. The search engine giant stated that users want fast, relevant information, whether on mobile or desktop.

Google focuses on a variety of factors when analyzing site speed. Start render (when a page begins to materialize), visual complete time (when a user first views the page, even if it hasn’t completed loading), as well as time to first byte are all characteristics Google will consider when assigning rankings.

With such a nuanced approach, marketers may wonder just how fast a site must be to catch Google’s attention. While an exact standard can’t be pinpointed, site speed’s importance cannot be understated. A study from Backlinko found that, ultimately, slow-loading pages fall much lower in rankings than fast-loading sites.

How Fast Should a Website Load?

Most marketers know that site speed can have an impact on search rankings and conversions, but just how quickly should a website load? It depends on a variety of factors, including the site type and the connection speed. Customers expect speedy loading times over, say, a company Internet connection, but may be more patient over 3G. Additionally, customers could expect a financial website to load faster than a media site.

Regardless of the site, however, speed still rules. Only 27% of users will wait three seconds for a website to materialize on mobile. Thirty-two percent will wait up to six seconds, but only 24% will wait for a full six seconds or more.

It’s clear that customers demand quick loading times, yet many brands aren’t optimizing their pages. Across multiple industries, websites can be found that take five seconds, or even six, to fully load.

How Can Brands Increase Site Speed?

When developing a website, several factors can affect loading times, including code handling, media compression, and caching. Fortunately, developers have several speed-boosting tools at their disposal, including Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This tool allows you to flag potential problems, benchmark pages, and view recommendations for improving performance.

If you publish a large amount of content, Google’s AMP tool or Facebook’s Instant Articles may help. These platforms help to increase loading times by hosting a portion of the content for you.

Remember that building a speedy site can take time. However, even small adjustments can make an impact on the consumer experience. In fact, Google’s research revealed that users begin to see a difference in lag time between 100 and 300 milliseconds. These incremental changes add up, meaning that if you wish to improve site performance, now’s the time to start.

About Michael Del Gigante, CEO of MDG Advertising

In 1999, CEO Michael Del Gigante founded MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. With his unique insight and decades of industry experience, he turned what was once a traditional ad agency into an integrated branding firm based on an innovative 360-degree marketing philosophy that provides a full spectrum of traditional and digital advertising services.

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Fountains in Your Garden: Excessive Luxury or Necessity?

Cultures around the world have celebrated the sound and sight of moving water by adding fountains to some of their most important sites. From the fountains in the gardens at Versailles to the Taj Mahal, fountains highlight the grandeur of the architecture as well as the beauty of nature. Does this mean that fountains are a luxury feature, and they should be limited only to grand and awe-inspiring locales? Not necessarily.

The sound of moving water is one that most people find soothing without being able to say exactly why, and that is why ponds, streams and fountains are also part of garden design in homes around the world. They add a therapeutic and aesthetic element to any setting, bringing the beauty of nature into the space. If you are wondering if it’s a good idea to have a fountain in your garden, you will have to consider both the aesthetic and the technical factors involved.

Does Your Garden Need a Fountain?

Given the choice, most people would opt for a fountain or some kind of water feature in their garden. Some might be discouraged by the thought of the cost or the work involved, but there are many low-cost and low-maintenance choices. If you decide on having a fountain in your garden, you will have to consider design and as well as more practical matters.

Practical matters include installation and maintenance, such as a suitable electrical supply and water aeration system. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when deciding to install a fountain in your garden:

  1. The Right Size for Your Space

Fountains come in all kinds of sizes, from small wall fountains to large freestanding ones with their own pool. You should choose the one that best matches your space. Budget will also be a consideration here, but you can opt for a design that has lower installation and maintenance costs.

  1. Natural or Manufactured Materials

As with size, you have many different choices when it comes to materials used. Fountains can be made of natural materials like stone or metal. They can also be made of manufactured materials like fiberglass, artificial resins and concrete.

  1. Design

Fountains can be freestanding or wall mounted. A wall-mounted fountain works better for smaller spaces. You can build your own fountain according to your design or you can get a prefabricated fountain. Keep in mind that a large fountain will become the focal point of your garden. A small fountain can be used as an accent point.

When choosing a design for your fountain, you can let your imagination roam free and pick from many different styles, including classical, Japanese, minimalist, cascading, disappearing, etc. Gardens and statues go together naturally, and you have any number of choices, from classical figures to animals and birds. You may even create a small woodland scenario with fawns, birds and squirrels, and maybe even a fox.

  1. Location

When choosing the location for your fountain, keep in mind that it should match the surroundings and the theme and spirit of your garden and home. You will also need a nearby source of electricity to power the pump and water aeration system. Solar fountains use the energy of the sun to power the movement of the water. In practical terms, a submersible solar-powered pump connects to the fountain to keep the water circulating. 

  1. Installation and Maintenance

You can install your fountain or get a professional landscaper to do it for you. There are also kits that come with everything you will need to install your fountain. Remember that fountains also need regular maintenance.

  1. Safety

Unless you choose a disappearing fountain where the water does not collect in a base or pond, you will have to take safety precautions as you would with any water feature. If there are any small children in the house or the neighborhood, you may need to install a child safety fence or gate to keep them from getting too close to the pond.

So, is having a fountain in your garden a luxury or a necessity? The soothing and aesthetic effects of running water make a fountain a suitable addition to almost any garden or outdoor space. Whether you use your garden for relaxation, meditation, entertaining or family time, adding a fountain will make it a more inviting place. This, combined with therapeutic effects of running water, make a fountain more of a necessity than a luxury.

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Run Android Games & Apps On Windows PC with Droid4X Emulator

Droid4x so far is the best emulator to run any android game or application on your desktop or laptop without touching any system settings or files. Once you install the droid4x emulator on your pc, you will be able to run any apk file either by downloading it within the emulator which is one of its feature or simple unpacking an apk through settings.

It can run on all versions of windows whether it is windows 7 or windows 8. Screen recording features and customized gamepad will help you to play smartphone games on pc easily so don’t be sad if you don’t have a high spec smartphone to play games like Pubg and asphalt.

Droid4x emulator will let you experience android on your pc letting you use all of the essential android applications like WhatsApp, messenger, maps, etc. on your pc.

In this article, we will be throwing some light upon the features of an android emulator, Droid4X.

Features of droid 4x android emulator

Better android experience

Droid4X provides you with a better Android experience on an emulator. It is fast smooth and can perform every basic function of an Android device which is magnificent.

If you have a high-end pc, droid4x would work like a charm and provide you a smoother experience.

Touchscreen adaptable

It is adaptable to touchscreen laptops and desktops and provides better work experience on touch screen devices without any lags and crash.

Keyboard and controller configuration

You can configure you a gaming keyboard or a controller according to your requirement in droid4x for a better gaming experience. Just go to the settings and set the desired controls and enjoy gaming on the droid4x emulator.

Lots of apps and games

It is compatible with every game and app available on google play store. Games like pubg, asphalt 9, clash of clans and brawl stars, every game works smoothly on droid4x.

Banking apps like Paytm, google pay, he also works without any hinderances.

Download apps through the emulator

You can either download an application or game within the droi4x emulator or manually download the apk from a third-party client and unpack it in the emulator.

Just hit the settings and go to install an app,  search for the apk file in the computer storage and double click on it to install it in the emulator.

Fast, reliable and free to use

It performs smoothly on i3 processors. Also, it is quite reliable and easy to use if you don’t have an android phone because of some reasons.

You don’t have to buy any license or purchase after any period as the droid4x android emulator is free to use with no hidden charges or locked features.


Droid4x emulator works on all version of windows no matter it is an older version of windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10. It is coded in such a way that it works in every version of windows.

How to download Droid4x emulator online?

  • You can download Droid4X from its official website and locate the download button to download the installer file on your PC. When you click on the download button, it will prompt you for saving the file on a local location on your Windows PC.
  • After the file is downloaded, you must start the installation process by double-clicking the download file. The installer window will install the Droid4X online and progress can be seen here. After few moments you can use it on your PC easily.

Final Words

Android emulator like blue stacks and a gaming emulator like Tencent are quite heavy for some computers while droid4x provides smoother and better performance than the rest. In this article, we have discussed the best droid4x features and download process.

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Beating Your Demons and Reinventing Yourself with Doug Bopst

Beating Your Demons and Reinventing Yourself with Doug Bopst

As a  former felon and drug addict, Doug Bopst history is a distant memory.

He chose to use his time locked up to beat his demons and reinvent himself. Working out and learning how to eat right from his cell mate, he transformed while in prison.

He is now on a mission to help others integrate the lessons he learned. He’s been featured nationally in media outlets such as the Today Show, Men’s Health, Goalcast, Cheddar, Dr Drew, Thrive Global, One37pm, Brobible and others.

Now,  author of “Faith Family Fitness,” “From Felony to Fitness to Free” and “The Heart of Recovery.”

He has helped hundreds of people improve their health and wellness.

Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Doug Bopst LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why your rock bottom isn’t the end
  • How you can use your weaknesses to empower yourself and others
  • Why fitness can create opportunity
  • How you can put your heart into everything

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How to Use on Hold Music to Improve Caller Retention and Keep Customers on the Line

Acquiring new customers is expensive, which is the reason why keeping the ones you already have is so important. Customer retention boosts the profitability of your business in several ways. You can save money on marketing increase repeat purchases, and have customers who positively talk about you. Businesses have the tendency to forget that there is a lot to be done when it comes to customer relationships. It involves more than simply picking up the phone.

You have to create a smooth process from beginning to end. What people have to listen to before getting through to an agent is highly important. Not using some sort of music is a big mistake. Customers will put down the phone and never ring again. If you want to increase the chances of a successful call outcome, consider playing recorded music to fill the silence. If your business call flow is based on business to customer communications, on hold music is the best idea.

The history of being on hold

In 1962, Alfred Levy filled a patent for a telephone hold program system. The inventor discovered that there was an issue with the phone lines at his plants. To more precise, a loose wire came in contact with the metal girder on the building, which transformed the building into an immense receiver. Audio signals from the nearby radio station would be transmitted through the loose wire and be heard the moment that calls were put on hold. Since Levy has several incoming calls a day, he used this to keep the caller occupied while the needs of another one were addressed.

At present, hearing music or informational messages while you are on hold is quite commonplace. In the old days, it was something out of the ordinary. Alfred Levy was granted a patent in 1966. By the mid-1980s, the technique was developed to include messages as well. Companies like American Telephone Tapes capitalized on this idea, using announcers with a trustworthy, engaging voice. People loved it. A tune is better than silence. Hold on music was crucial for business, allowing companies to strengthen customer relationships and maximize customer retention. Now, entrepreneurs take this technology for granted.

The many reasons of playing recorded music to fill the silence

What are you supposed to do about the prolonged silence the customer has to endure during call transfer? If you take a close look at what customers prefer, you will discover they are unwilling to tolerate the silent treatment. Putting customers on hold is not a good idea, but there are time when you do not have a choice. Make the experience as trouble-free as possible by explaining the reason why you are putting them on hold, promising to return right away, and see if you can program some music to play. Music on hold is the ideal solution. This allows music to be played for all calls when the caller is on hold. Customers are the most important assets of your business, so ensure their wait is as pleasant as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should use music to break the interminable silence.

1. Making customers feel like they have not been waiting for a long time

The caller might become upset if they perceive the wait time to be too long. The perceived wait time is usually longer than the actual wait time. Even if they have been on hold for a couple of minutes, customers feel this time is longer than it actually is. People do not like to wait, so offer your customers the option of listening to music. This will occupy their time while they are sitting on the phone, waiting to be served. Hold music has a positive impact on the perceived wait times. The cognitive mechanisms of this impact have not been thoroughly assessed, although there are many studies showing how music affects time perception.

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2. Eliminating customer anxiety

Operators are required to deal with a large number of customers, most of which are uncertain about the outcome. Anxious customers often feel dissatisfied with the decisions made, this in turn reduces the trust in the product or service provider. If a customer is upset, they will most surely hang up the phone. On hold music offers numerous psychological benefits to customers. Callers who listen to music get an emotional boost. Music can dramatically decrease anxiety levels, so you do not have to worry that customers will experience any kind of discomfort. Use tunes that are suitable for the majority of your customers. Build a professional company image by providing customers great music.

Picking out the best on hold music

When you come to the conclusion that it is necessary to customize your phone systems with an automated on hold program, you will see there are numerous options. The reis nothing more important than choosing the right background music. Great music, paired with great content, will create an outstanding customer experience, enabling you to make the most of your marketing. These are the considerations you need to make:

· Pop vs. classical music

The younger audience may want contemporary pop music. This kind of music creates a sense of familiarity. Individuals are more likely to resonate with a song they have hear before. Look for tracks with lyrics centered around the idea of helping. The customers will not feel emotionally exhausted after listening to the tunes. Pay attention to the fact that not all songs are royalty free. They may come with licensing fees. Sometimes, it is a good idea to choose music that is against the taste of callers, like classical music. According to The Telegraph, Mozart is best for calls that are put on hold, having a particular resonance for the people of the 21st century. Symphony No 40 is what you need. Your customers will become smarter via the Mozart effect.

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· Simple vs. complex music

Choosing music for your business phone can be simple. And the music can be simple too. Simple tunes do not require too much attention, so it might not change their perception of time. However, it may be what some customers prefer. Complex music, on the other hand, stands out and engages the thinking processes. It works, keeping customers in line. Complex music is anything that challenges callers.

It is important to check compatibility and playback capabilities in terms of phones systems when getting music on hold. You will find that working with compressed WAV files and with low bitrate is incredibly effective.

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Aitheon Invites Public to an Open House in Mysore, India

On June 21st, 2019 Aitheon will open its doors for anyone who wants to learn more about the company and its production!


Aitheon is extending invitations to visit its Indian office with a unique opportunity to discover the electronics department and robotics facilities. You will see the robot assembly line, circuit board production lines, the Indian Aitheon campus, and other cool stuff.

Additionally, you will be able to meet Aitheon’s Indian team and listen to the speeches of the company’s CEO Andrew Archer and CSO Ryan Burleson.

After the fascinating office tour, you can enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with music, dancing and refreshing drinks.

If you have an interest in the Aitheon Open House event, please send a letter to by June 7th.

Everyone is welcome. Come and visit Aitheon!


Date & time:  Friday, June 21, 2019 from 2.00-5.00 PM.

Place: Mysore, India.

Central meeting point: Country Inn and Suites by Radisson.

Registration deadline: June 7, 2019

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