Built Different – Motivational Video For The One Percenters

DIFFERENT is a blessing.

Built Different – Motivational Video For The One Percenters

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Speakers: Freddy Fri, Chris Ross, Jones 2.0, Ronald Braxton

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Transcript – Built Different – Motivational Video For The One Percenters | Fearless Motivation

There were no role models, it didn’t matter, I was built different.

Why is being different frowned upon by the majority? The majority aren’t where they want to be… But for some reason they still want you to be down there with them…

You should be proud to be born with something off centre. Something different from the rest… You should be glad you have a mind of your own. To have the courage to never follow a path that was paved for you, but instead choose to pave your own.

You are different. That is your greatest power. Don’t you ever forget that.

I don’t fail. I win or I LEARN. That’s the difference.

To most, failure is the end. It’s an excuse. To me, it’s a lesson. It’s FUEL to my FIRE! It’s motivation to be BETTER next time.

I don’t see things like the rest, because I don’t want to live like them. I learn from the best. And I outwork the rest. I notice what the majority do, and I do the opposite.

They’ll tell you good grades lead to a good life, but real life requires more than that. It requires self education and self awareness.
 Real growth doesn’t come from grades. It comes from within.

If you want to be like the majority, the majority who are not happy where they are in life, that’s easy… just do what they do. Focus on getting a safe education… that leads to a safe job… watch TV like they do… avoid all self development, and you’re set for life… it won’t be a happy life, but it will be an easy one… easy in the sense that you’ll never challenge your true potential… but in reality much harder because you’ll have to live with that inner knowing. The knowing you never reached that potential.

On the other hand, you can choose different.

You can choose to throw away the story. Drown the excuses and burn the limitations.

Your results in life are a direct reflection of your CHOICES. If you want better results: MAKE BETTER CHOICES. Make different choices.

Learn different. Work different. Consume different. Believe different and you will become different.

No role models. No matter. I am built different. No silver spoon. No matter. I am built different. No handouts. No matter. I am built different. No fancy education. No matter. I am built different. No easy path. No matter. BUILT. DIFFERENT.

Whatever happens, I soldier on. However dark it gets, I know the light is always on WITHIN.

I don’t focus on where I AM or how hard it is right now… I focus on where I AM GOING, and how much better it will be when I get there.


I don’t complain about what I don’t have. I’m grateful for all I do have and I’m always hungry for more! BUILT DIFFERENT!

When challenges come, I don’t get scared Because I’m prepared! I’ve put in the time. No obstacle can stop me. Nothing will get me off track. I’m laser focused. Locked in on my goal.
Nothing else matters… GROW GROW GROW!

I’ve put in the time. I’ve put in the grind. I decide how far I go. Settle for average?? HAHA! NO! NO NO NO NO NO!!

My only focus: TO GROW GROW ME. Myself. My results. To become better. Not better than others. Better than yesterday. GREATER EVERY SINGLE DAY.




Set backs will come… KEEP WORKING!







built different

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How to Spy On Any Android Device with SpyMyFone

What if I said, you could hack into literally any cell phone on the planet in less than 5minutes, simply by installing an application? (or sometimes even without needing that).That’s all. That’s what we will talk in this Android Spy -SpyMyFone review.

SpyMyFone is an application which once installed on Android devices or synced on iOS devices (no Installation needed) grants you complete access as well as remote actions for the device!

SpyMyFone Overview

Here’s a brief overview of the app and its features:

  • Website: SpyMyFone
  • Supported OS: Android & iOS.
  • Whatsapp Hack
  • Facebook + Instagram + all other social networks Hack
  • Record Keywords
  • Live Screenshot
  • Call Logs and Contacts Hack
  • Location Hack
  • SMS Hack
  • Deleted Content Access
  • Files and Folders Access

I can’t list out all the available features so here’s a screenshot of it all:-

The overview does make it clear that whatever data, social network, or information you need associated with the cell phone, SpyMyFone lets you access it.

How to Use SpyMyFone?

First, make an account on SpyMyFone Android Spy by going to the URL provided above.

Ever Installed any application on an Android Device? Or maybe logged into iCloud accounts on iOS Devices?

If yes, you already know how to use SpyMyFone. On Android devices, just make sure the device accepts third-party applications (settings > Allow Unknown Sources).

Simply  install the application like any other application on Android devices, or in case of iOS devices enter its iCloud details to sync the device with SpyMyFone.


You can then simply log into your SpyMyFone account on the website, or use their application to start monitoring the target device.

From your end, all you’re required to do is- “Install the application or Login to iCloud”; everything else is automated after this. You can access all the data on the cell phone in just a couple clicks without going through complicated procedures.

Here’s what the Dashboard looks like:

As is evident, it’s just like using any other website or mobile app. Simply click on what you wish to access from the left-sidebar, and the app would get you the data.

Once installed, the app is completely undetectable. The icon disappears and there’s no way for users to know that it’s installed on their devices.

Access Deleted Data and Files

I’ve used similar apps like this before, but none of those got me “deleted content”. Well SpyMyFone Android Spy does.

It gets us the deleted messages, photos, call logs and even videos!

Hacking into Social Networks

The Dashboard has an entire list of social networks you can hack into. It’s not even “hacking”, it’s more like you just have access to whatever messages are exchanged on either one of them.

Simply choose any network of your choice from the left-sidebar, for e.g. I selected Instagram and it showed me the messages on the device’s Instagram instantly:

Screen Capture and Smart Capture

Screen Capture is basically the ability to capture live-screenshots of the target device at any time, remotely from your SpyMyFone Android Spy dashboard.

Simply click on “Capture Screenshot” from the left-sidebar and you’ll get the screenshot. No rocket science.

However its Smart capture is what’s unique and uncommon. It’s a feature which lets you turn on “automatic screen capture” for some applications.

So whenever these are used, a screenshot is captured and stored for you to check later.

WiFi Logger

Even though the app has a separate location tracker, the WiFi logger too can be used as a location-tracker which tracks every WiFi connection that the target device connects to.

Does your kid spend time with their girl or Boyfriend? That’s one way to get the information, isn’t it?

It not only tracks the location, but also the time duration for which the WiFi was used on the target device.

Location Tracker

Extremely useful in case the phone gets lost or stolen. Also, If you’re a boss or have kids it can’t hurt to know where the people who work for you (during the work hours) or your kids are, can it?

The Location tracker lists all the locations the device has been to, and even displays a neat map which pinpoints their location for easy identification!


This can be said to be a part of the location-tracker, it lets you set virtual “fences”. So everytime the device enters or leaves the area, you get an alert.

You get to know if the device entered or exited the area, and also the exact date and time of the activity.

Schedule Restrictions

Most parents out there don’t wish their kids to spend 24X7 of their time on cell phones, which is mostly what happens (even I’m guilty).

Well “schedule restriction” is a feature which lets you set time-limits remotely for the target devices, after which the devices would be locked.

Keyword Alerts

These are alerts you can set for the device, so whenever a specific keyword is entered, regardless of where it’s entered (social networking app, browser, another app etc). it’s recorded.

For e.g. I can set an alert for “Porn” so everytime the target phone even tries to access anything related to it, I get an alert.

Other Tracked Features

The feature-list is honestly too long to explain individually, well let me list out everything else which can be tracked:

  • Call logs
  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • App timeline: Which app was used/installed/uninstalled, and when.
  • Clipboard: Get access to everything that’s “copied” on the device. It also records where it was copied from (Browser/Whatsapp/SMS etc).
  • Offline Files stored on the device etc.

Bottomline, once it’s installed on the device there’s almost no data or file which stays hidden and you gain complete access to it.

Is it Illegal to use SpyMyFone?

No, as long as you’re the legal owner /guardian of the device or the person who uses the phone.

You’re required to get consent from the person that the app is being installed and will monitor their activities.

It can and should be used only for “legal” purposes, the legality of the app being used should be determined by you before using the app and we aren’t responsible for any of your actions.

Is it Free?

No it’s not. The app has two plans:

  • Ultimate Edition: Starting at USD $8.33/month.
  • Premium Edition: USD $7.50/month.

Although note that the pricing plan differs based on the payment-cycle, it’s cheapest if you pay in advance for the year, and most expensive if you go for monthly billing.

Also, not all the features are available on the Premium version.

Conclusion SpyMyFone Android Spy

So that’s a wrap for this as far as this piece SpyMyFone Android Spy goes folks. The app seems extremely feature-rich and easy to use. Although it may have been priced slightly lower, but that’s not a deal-breaker.

Bottomline, it may just as well be one of the best Android Spy (and iOS obviously) apps out there. What’s your opinion? Do let us know.

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Top 7 Best Manga Reader Apps For Android

Manga comics are quite popular all over the world. These graphics comics are really fun to read. There are millions of people who love manga and I’m sure that you are one of them since you are here.

Manga comes in every genre so that people with different taste can find thousands of manga to read. Doesn’t matter whether you like to read action, comedy, romance, sci-fi, drama, horror, thriller or any other kind of manga, you can find it.

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Though there are many websites which offer you to read the manga but to make reading manga on phone, tablet more enjoyable there are many great Manga reader apps available. So, here I have listed down the top 7 best manga reader apps for Android. Let’s have a look.

Best Manga Reader Apps For Android

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is one of the best apps for Android. The app is quite user-friendly and offers you a superb manga viewer and customization. You can find thousands of manga comics on Manga Rock. You get all the English translation manga here. So, if you don’t know Japanese then here you can read the manga in the English language with ease. For searching the manga of your choice, it lets you search manga by the author, or from the search box. The app also supports several languages including  English, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, and German. It also lets you read manga in landscape mode. What’s more, you can download any manga to read it offline.

Manga Reader

Crunchyroll manga

Crunchyroll Manga is a free app for Android to read manga comics with ease. It is a great manga reader app with which you can kill your spare time by reading the top and interesting manga comics. Find all the manga comics in English in this manga reader app. When you first visit the app, in order to start reading manga on this manga reader app, you would have to signup for an account which is totally free. But that’s not compulsory if you only want to read a manga. If you want to save the manga to your favorites or add them to your wishlist then you can create an account. This manga reader already has a website where you can read thousands of manga comics without any hassle. This brand new app of Crunchyroll manga has made it easier to read manga on Android. You can find all the hot and latest manga comics including the Attack on Titan, Fairy tail, Brainless Nana and so on.

Manga Reader


Comicrack is another wonderful app for all Manga readers here. It comes with many efficient features that make manga reading a great and hassle-free experience. USB synchronization is one of the best features of this manga reader app which enables automatic synchronization of comics with your Android device. It synchronizes all the data including bookmarks, reading lists, reading positions and so on. To make manga reading even more convenient it has a feature;  pinch-to-zoom which is great for the small devices for easy navigation. It has a huge database of manga comics.

Manga Reader

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Here comes another gre1`at app for Android for reading Manga comics. Comixology is a huge platform where you can find over 100k of manga comics including the manga from Marvel, DC, Image, graphics novels and so on. Though the app is free to download, but for reading some comics you would have to purchase them but don’t worry, most of the manga comics are free of cost available on Comixology manga reader app. The app has got a really beautiful interface and easy navigation where you can find and explore wonderful manga and other comics without any hassle. The reader is also very good where you can jump to the next or any page with ease, zoom in if needed and the images are crisp and clear. You can even login in with your Amazon account and read all your Amazon Kindle comics, novels, etc.

Manga Reader


You can also download MangaZone if you want to have a decent manga reader app for Android. Also, it is totally free to use. This manga reader app has a user-friendly interface and efficient features to let the manga lovers read their favorite manga without any interruption. You can find a lot of Manga content on the homepage of this manga reader app. It also has two sections where you can explore the hot manga and the latest manga. When you select a manga, it shows its author’ name and the readers’ rating. What’s more, the app updates regularly which means you get all the latest and new manga on this app. One more feature this manga reader app offers you is to download the manga for offline reading.

Manga Reader

Manga Reader

Manga Reader is a decent app for all the manga lovers here. With this manga reader app you can read and download thousands of manga free of cost. It offers unlimited manga comics to download so that you can read them offline when your internet is not working. Manga reader provides you more than 20 sources from where you can explore and find any manga that you would like to read. You can find manga by titles, author, genre, etc. It also saves your history and saves the progress of the chapters of the manga you are reading.

Manga Reader


Last, we have MangaToon. Here also you can find a lot of manga comics and read them easily. You would love to read the colorful comics on this manga reader app. It provides you manga from several genres including comedy, horror, love, action, romance and so on. MangaToon releases new manga every week so you get to explore and read different and new manga.

Manga Reader

These were the top 10 manga reader apps available for Android devices. Most of the above apps are free to use where you can read an unlimited number of the manga. So, download any of the above apps that you liked the most and enjoy all your favorite manga on it.

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My Story of Leveling Up and Creating Everything From Nothing with Natalie Jill

My Story of Leveling Up and Creating Everything From Nothing with Natalie Jill

You guys know me as a top fitness influencer turned high performance coach. What you may not know is my mindset work, my business side, and my journey of how I got to where I am today.

So, today on leveling up I wanted to switch it up a little bit so you can get to know me a little more on a deeper level. Especially with my new book Aging in Reverse coming out soon.

I’ve invited my friend Justin Schenck; the host of the Growth Now Movement to interview me on the 3 questions that I get asked all of the time!

So, join us and get to know me and how I began to Level Up my life!

On this episode, you will learn:

  • How to create everything from nothing
  • Why Natalie decided to start a podcast
  • What is the secret to aging in reverse

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How to Recycle Food At Home – Learn Smart Ways

Do you always dump the leftover food? Throw away the fruit and vegetable waste like their peels etc. into the trash? Well, then you should read this article because we are going to discuss some cool ways to recycle food.

We all get food waste or leftover food on a daily basis in our home. Some of us do not think of recycling or reusing the food and just throw them into the dustbin. But the food, leftover food, and the food waste could quite beneficial for us and those living around us.

So, one thing you can do with the food scraps and the leftover food is to recycle and reuse them in several ways. There are so many ways of recycling food and food scrap. Below are some of the best ways to recycle food at home with ease. Here we go…

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10 Ways To Recycle Food At Home

Make Compost

The best way to recycle your food is to make compost of it. All your leftover food or food scraps can be quite useful for your garden. For composting all your waste or leftover food, you need to make a pit in your garden or wherever you want to do the composting and then throw all the unwanted food in the pit every day. You can also dump all the peels of the fruits and vegetables in the composting pit. The food is biodegradable, so it will decompose and mix with the soil. This will make great compost for your garden to make the soil more fertile. But make sure that you don’t dump meat in the pit as animals may smell meat from far away and ruin your garden and pit.

Recycle Food At Home

Donate Unwanted Food

Another way is to donate unwanted food to the needy ones. If you have food that you are not going to eat then you should donate it instead of throwing it in the trash. There are many people who couldn’t manage to buy food for them so your unwanted food could be really helpful for them. There are some food charity centers where you can deliver your unwanted food. But before that, you would have to know which food you can donate. You can donate the food packed to these centers but they don’t accept the food contained in jars etc. as they can break. So, call the food charity center and get information about the food you can donate them. And after that, you can deliver the food by yourself.

You can also donate the food that is about to expire but you don’t think you would be able to consume it before it expires. In case, you don’t have any food charity center or needy people nearby then you can feed the food to the stray animals. They are also starving.

Recycle Food At Home

Food Composting Services

Another way to recycle your food. If you do not have any garden or don’t need food composting for yourself then you can contact the food composting services so that you can give them your food waste and they can use it for creating compost out of it. You can find and contact the public recycling program in your area. You can contact the city govt. to know each and everything about it that how can you sign up and how often they will pick up the food waste. Once you contact and signup there, they would let you know what kind of food you can give them for recycling purpose. Well, if you do not have any recycling services, you can contact the waste management services available in your area.

Polish brass and copper

You would be surprised to now that all the fruit peels you throw away in the dustbin could be very helpful to you. You can actually use the peel of lemon and oranges or any other critic food for cleaning brass and copper. These fruit peels contain a huge amount of citric acids which is superb for cleaning these metal utensils. You can rub these peels on these metal utensils to clean them and give them a great shine.

Recycle Food At Home

Use Gourds To Make Bird Housing

Love birds? Then you surely would like to make homes for them in your garden or somewhere else. Well, don’t worry you would not have to make a nest for them as the leftover large sized gourds will do good for you. Instead of throwing all those large gourds, you can dry them and make homes for birds.

Feed Food To Farm Animals

There is another way to make use of all your leftover foods. If you don’t have pets or you don’t want to feed them your leftover food then there are farm animals whom you can feed your food. But make sure that the food is not rotten and is healthy and fit for the other animals.

Recycle Food At Home

Homemade Potpourri

Would like to use some homemade PotPourri? Well, then use your fruit peels to make your homemade potpourri. For making it, you would have to dry the fruits peels. You can either sun dry them or dry in the food dryer. After that, crush them and then add your favorite flavor to it. Your homemade potpourri is ready to use.

Recycle Food At Home

Keep slugs away

All those who own a garden must be aware of the garden slugs. These slugs are very bad in your garden as they eat your plants and the roots, total nightmare. But it is quite difficult to control them or prevent your plants from getting destroyed by them. But your food waste will help you in this case. The eggshells and the nutshells can be used to prevent these slugs from gettings on to your plants. You can use these hard shells and put them around the stem of the plants and due to the rough surface of these shells, the slugs will not be able to climb up.

Fruit peels pots

Whenever you need to sow your seeds for seeding then you may want to have some pots for the same. So, instead of buying pots you can use the peels of the fruit, like watermelon fruits peel can be used to sow the seeds in. When you eat the fruits then after removing the complete pulp add the soil and put the seeds in the shell. Make sure you use the hard peels only so that they can sustain mud and plantation.

Recycle Food At Home

Grill Using Peanut Shells

Peanuts shell could be used for grilling. You need a lot of coal for barbeque grilling. So, instead of using coal, you can use the peanut shells. For the same, you need to soak the peanut shells and then dry a bit before using. You can then put them over the coal for the barbeque. This surely is a smart way to recycle or reuse your food.

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Top 25 Coolest Personalized Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is here and we all are excited to gift our mom something really special to show her our love. Mothers are the best and very special to all of us, so a gift for them should also be a special one.

But finding that perfect gift for our mom can be a little tricky as we need to make sure that she would like the gift and it would be useful and special for her. Moms usually like gifts that have practical usage. You could also gift something to help her decorate the home and make it more beautiful.

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Don’t have to worry as we have created a list of top 25 coolest gifts for mother’s day. This list will give you some amazing ideas for picking a gift for your mother. So, let’s have a look at the list.

25 Best Mother’s Day Gifts To Make Her Feel Extra Special

Google Home Mini

If your mom loves listening to music then why don’t give her an amazing speaker. What would be better than a Google Home Mini. It could be a wonderful gift for your mom. You can find a lot of color options and choose the best one as per your mom’s preferences. Trust me your mom would love this great gift. You can find Google Home mini on an online store like Amazon and purchase it from there.

Mother's Day gift

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb

Well, what about bath bombs? Yup, it is also a good one to give your mom on this mother’s day. You can get some really beautiful and fresh fragrance bath bombs for your mom. It is a wonderful gift if your mom really loves taking a hot bath. You get these bath bombs in several fragrances including lavender, Victorian rose and so on. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb costs you $26. You can also buy another brand bath bomb of your own choice.

Mother's Day gift

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I Love You Mom And Here’s Why Journal

For all those who want to make your mom feel special by letting her know how much you love her, here is I Love You Mom And Here’s Why Journal for all of you. You can show how truly you love your mom with your own words with this journal. It is no doubt a gift of gratitude and love for mother’s day for sure. It is also cost-effective if you are on a budget as it costs you only $9.20 for the hardcover one.

Mother's Day gift

Ilsa Neapolitan 6-Cup Aluminum Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is must have in the kitchen. You need a good coffee maker to get that concentrated and delicious morning dose. So, don’t you think that a good coffee maker would also make a great mother’s day gift? Well, definitely yes. This coffee mug can make a strong concentrated coffee for 6 people easily. If not this coffee maker, you can get any coffee maker as per your budget and preference of your mother.

Mother's Day gift

Decorative Tray

If you want it to be a simple yet elegant gift for the mother’s day then a decorative tray would do wonders. You can buy this beautiful decorative tray at Amazon that your mother can use in her kitchen. Not only for the kitchen but it can be also used to keep the jewelry, keys, and such other stuff. It would look great as a decorative item too making your mom’s room even more stylish. Again, if you do not like this decorative tray, then you can buy any another decorative tray of your choice.

Mother's Day gifts

Personalized Handwritten Recipe Plate

Every one of us loves food made by mom. So, on this mother’s day, why not you complement your mom’s cooking in a very special way. This personalized handwritten recipe plate is such a wonderful gift for this mother’s day. Just imagine how happy your mom would be when you give her this personalized plate with her own recipe written on it. So, don’t wait, and grab this amazing gift for your mom this mother’s day.

Mother's Day gifts

Zodiac Crystal Necklace Personalized

A normal necklace can make any woman happy but to make it even more filled with love and joy, why not make it a personalized one. Yes, here is another wonderful gift idea for this mother’s day. You can gift your mom a personalized dandelion necklace. It a beautiful personalized zodiac crystal necklace. You can choose the crystal as per your mom’s zodiac sign and get this mesmerizing necklace for your mother on this mother’s day.

Mother's Day gift

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Insignia 8-Quart Pressure Cooker

No doubt that all moms love all the kitchen items. It makes then really happy to see some really great kitchen gadgets in their kitchen. So, with this thought, here is an idea for this mother’s day. You can actually gift your mom an Insignia 8-Quart Pressure Cooker It is a multifunctional pressure cooker with a beautiful design which makes a perfect mother’s day gift.

Mother's Day gifts

Bathtub Tray

Of course, everybody needs that me-time and so does your mom. A relaxing bath is what refreshes your entire body and mind. So, here is a bathtub tray that can hold all the essentials for a great relaxing bath. This beautiful bamboo bath caddy comes with wineglass holder, smartphone holder, adjustable arms and a book stand. All these things make it a great mother’s day gift.

Mother's Day gift

Crossbody Bag

Everybody loves bags and if your mom is also a bag lover then surprise her with this beautiful crossbody bag. This cute bag can hold some of your mom’s stuff which she needs to often carry with herself. She can keep her phone and some makeup essentials. Also, the price is great and budget friendly. Your mom would love this mini cute bag and it will always remind her of you whenever she carries this bag with her.

Mother's Day gift

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you have a higher budget for this mother’s day then here is an extremely wonderful gift for your mother. A foot massager. Who doesn’t love getting a massage and especially on foot? It can relax your body in a few minutes. Just imagine, after that hectic schedule and all the work, your mother gets a foot massage from this foot massager. Nothing would be better and relaxing than this.

Mother's Day gift

Linoto Luxurious Pure Linen Bed Sheet Set

Giving bedsheet to your mom this the coming mother’s day can also be a great gift. Especially if your mom loves linen, these Linoto Luxurious Pure Linen Bed Sheet Set will make your mom happy and she would definitely appreciate you for this wonderful choice of the gift.

One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

For the moms who have a habit of drying hair with dryer and love styling their hair. One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler is a great gift for those moms. This dryer and hair styler set will save your mom’s morning time. It will help her to quickly dry her hair and style them as she wants.

Mother's Day gift

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

What can be a better gift than fitness smartwatch? Fitbit Versa smartwatch is a perfect gift for those moms who love workout and stay fit. This wonderful smartwatch will help her to track the steps, heart rate, sleep stages, exercise and so on. This watch is good in helping a person reach their fitness goals. Your mom would love it when you give her this watch on mother’s day.

Mother's Day gifts

Mom Coffee Mug

With this special mom coffee mug, you can remind your mom how special she is for you and how much you love her. This special mom mug has some beautiful mom quotes on it. This ceramic mug is perfect for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Also, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Mother's Day gifts

Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser will help your mother to get a decent and peaceful sleep at night, It is a pineapple shaped oil diffuser which is a cool mist humidifier. You would be surprised to know that it is also a night lamp. You are gettings a lot in one single thing. It is also available in different sizes. So, you can get a small one if you want a small oil diffuser otherwise bigger ones are also available.

Mother's Day gift

A fancy candle set

A fancy candle set can never be an old gift to give anybody. You can give such a beautiful and wonderful fragrance fancy candle set to your mom this mother’s day. You mom would surely appreciate this gift.

Mother's Day gift

Costa Farms Live Indoor ZZ Plant

Costa Farms Live Indoor ZZ plant is also a good choice of gift for giving to your mother on mother’s day. It is a great plant for decoration as well as for air purifying. You mother is going to love this wonderful gift for sure. It costs you only $19. You also buy such other plants too if you can’t find this one on the web or wanna get at a lower price.

Mother's Day gift


Indian-ish is a cooking recipe book by Priya Krishna. It has lots of amazing recipes in it which your mom can cook for the family. If your mom loves cooking Indian then this book is all you need to give to her on this mother’s day. The book is available in hardcover as well as for Kindle. If your mom has kindle then you can buy the book otherwise the hardcover book is also available on Amazon for $16.80.

Mother's Day gifts

Deep Cleaning Session

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your mom for this mother’s day? Well, then you would love this one. You can actually book a Deep Cleaning Session. You can hire cleanser on Amazon easily. The whole crew will come and clean your house to its very last corner leaving your home diamond sparkling. She can relax and all her house would be cleaned by the crew members.

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your mom usually works staring at the computer screen then these light blocking glasses would be quite helpful for her to get rid of eye fatigue. Whether you are working late at the computer, mobile tablet, etc, keep these glasses with you to keep your eyes relaxed. It is available in different colors and different sizes as well.

Mother's Day gift

A Kindle Paperwhite

If your mom loves reading e-books then a Kindle will be the best choice of gift for this mother’s day. She would love this gift as she can read so many books just from a single device. She can carry it anywhere and read any book of her choice. You can get it on Amazon at a discounted price.

Mother's Day gifts

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Two-Piece Pajama Sleepwear Set

If you want to give your mom a comfortable sleepwear set then these two-piece pajama sleepwear set is here for you. These are beautiful, simple yet elegant pajama set, extremely comfortable to sleep in. There are several colors to choose from including cherry, Bellini, peppermint, charcoal heather and so on.

Mother's Day gift

A “book of the month” membership

For all those moms who love reading, this book of the month membership is one of the best mother’s day gift. With this gift, your mom gets to pick the best new books ranging from $12.50 to $15 a month as per your subscription. 3-month membership of this book of the month costs you $44.99. You can buy 3-month, 9-month or a year’s subscription.

Gaiam Cargo Yoga Mat Bag

Last but not least, you can gift your mom a yoga mat if your mom works out or likes to do yoga daily in the morning or in the evening or anytime. This would be a great and useful gift as well. You can buy any yoga mat of your choice or buy Gaiam Cargo Yoga Mat Bag as it is not only a yoga mat but yoga mat cum bag which makes it easy to carry.

Mother's Day gift

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So, these were some of the best gift ideas for mother’s day. All the gifts are very thoughtful and have very practical usage in daily life. Hope the article was helpful to you and you got a great idea for what to give to your mom on this mother’s day.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your QR Code Marketing

QR codes have become an important asset in modern marketing tactics. Those days are long gone when advertising content on television, magazines, and posters with simple plain text was an effective marketing strategy. Today, people have generalized their digital as well as print-media ad campaigns with QR codes – a bridge between the offline and online world.

My Business QR Codes Aren’t Getting Enough Leads – Why?

As complex as it seems, creating a QR code might be easier than downloading an application from your App Store. But how to get the most out of your QR code marketing? Well, the extensive features provided by QR code generators with logo aren’t for nothing. A best QR code generator with logo will provide you enough opportunities to get started with your QR code marketing. These are the key aspects of how business marketers and owners are making their products or services stand out.

Follow this post to learn more about how to use a QR code generator with logo effectively.

1. Placement of Your QR Code

When will you be pasting your QR code? Is it a webpage, poster, flyer, restaurant menu, business card, or a landing page? The perfect placement of the QR code varies in all these mediums. For instance, a QR code should be bigger and visible enough to grab the audience’s attention on a poster. Yes, big enough so that your targeted audience can scan it from a considerate distance. Similarly, placing a QR code beside a picture or video on a webpage can make a difference.


2. Size of the QR Code

Again, the ideal size of the QR code depends upon your medium. For instance, you can’t use the same QR code you posted on your webpage on a bottle cap, right? Also, the QR code you used on the bottle cap cannot be used on a bigger poster, flyer, or landing page. And if you’ve been following this practice, insufficient may downgrade the image quality – resulting in hindering the scanning process.

3. Call to Action

Adding call to actions like “Watch Video”, “Subscribe Now, “Get Discount”, “Scan Now”, or “Avail Coupon” can definitely make a difference. If the viewers aren’t aware of the outcome of the code, the majority will just ignore it.

4. Color, Logo, Density

A QR code generator with logo lets you change the colors, add logo, the density of the design, and eyes of the QR code. Use the customization features as a benefit. Design your QR codes per your brand image or service provided and you’ll certainly get more scans than a regular QR code.

High-Quality Yet Engaging Landing Page

So, you’ve finally customized your QR code. What’s next? If you plan on posting the QR code on a landing page, it is important to create an engaging yet high-quality landing page to get more leads. Make sure your landing page and QR code blend in together to engage more users.

Final Verdict

Following the above tips, you will probably get the most out of your QR code marketing. Concerned about the results? If so, try using a dynamic QR code generator with logo as QRzebra so you can track user activity on each QR code you make. Many brands still don’t understand the real potential of QR Codes, they could tell the story of your product in one scan! Sounds good?

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How To Write An Agenda For A Board Meeting

Let’s face it, board meetings aren’t the most entertaining events in the business world. Sometimes they seem to drag on for hours, with multiple people discussing the same points over and over. When you’re hosting a board meeting, it’s important to remember that for people to remember or absorb what they’ve heard, they need to be engaged; and after about an hour and a half of talking, people tend to let their minds wander. Here are some tips for writing an agenda for your next board meeting to maximize engagement.

1. Detail Isn’t Always Necessary

When you think information, you probably think lots of detail, right? Well, that’s not always the case. In fact, sometimes too much detail is a detriment to good information. While relevant detail is still necessary, over-informative details on certain subjects can be incredibly exhausting.

When you’re writing the agenda for your next board meeting, keep in mind that you’re already going to be discussing numbers, policy, and company direction, all of which aren’t exactly the most engaging topics. Be sure to only provide necessary details so your presentation isn’t overly time-consuming.

2. Figure Out Exactly What Needs To Be Discussed

Often a board meeting can end up derailing into a discussion about last night’s game or even the new hires. If this is the topic of the board meeting, then by all means, but if you’re looking to stay on topic, discuss only the important topics that you’ve based the meeting around.

When you write your agenda, carefully choose what needs to be discussed. Formulate a plan to bring the conversation back on topic should it become derailed. An agenda should be composed of the topics for discussion, what goals you want to achieve during the meeting, and how to get to them.

Writing agendas is easy with meeting agenda templates. These great tools provide the user with a template they can customize, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Hosting your very first board meeting? No problem! Use an agenda to plan your meeting accordingly, and you’ll find your meetings to be incredibly efficient.

3. Ask For Suggestions From Colleagues

Asking for suggestions on what information to include from the meeting’s attendees serves a twofold purpose: it allows you to gauge what information is important to the meeting’s participants and provides you with much-needed information about problems or information you may not have even been aware of.

Always ask for the participation of your colleagues when planning meetings. They’ll feel much more involved if they have a say in what is discussed, and are less likely to become disengaged when the meeting is discussing something they’ve brought to the table.

Make sure you give your team members adequate time to provide the information you’ve requested. A day before the meeting is generally not a good time to ask for the participants what they feel should be discussed.

A week or so should be enough notice for your colleagues to gather information. This will also allow you adequate time to write your agenda and include the information they’ve provided to you.

4. Are The Problems Relevant To Everyone In Attendance?

Keep in mind that some issues can be resolved with a simple meeting between two or more people. These issues, while potentially large in scale, are usually not relevant to more than a few key players, and therefore hosting an entire meeting about them could be problematic.

Take a look at the issues you intend to discuss. How do they impact the attendees? Is everyone impacted by them, or just a few people? Meetings should be relevant to everyone in attendance, and when they aren’t, you tend to have disengagement and boredom.

You can either trim the attendance list once you’ve established your objectives or simply host a separate meeting for those that the information will have the most impact on. Write your agenda around key points that affect everyone, and be sure to explain how the information will impact those in attendance during your presentation.

5. Schedule Everything Accordingly

When you’re drafting an agenda, it’s a good idea to remember that your meeting should adhere to some kind of schedule. Set a time limit for the meeting (with some room at the end for questions) and schedule out a time allotment for each topic of discussion.

Schedule the most important topics first, so should the meeting run over the time limit, you’ve already discussed the information that will be most impactful to the attendees. Save smaller or less relevant topics for later in the meeting. There won’t be as big of an issue if these aren’t discussed in detail before the meeting concludes.

If your meeting will include other speakers, be sure to schedule an adequate time schedule for each of them, so they feel their information is important to you. Again, including the attendees in the meeting itself or the planning phase will create higher engagement and less boredom.


With a little planning, your meetings will take on a new life. Instead of the same old boring routine, you’ll be able to create a productive and efficient meeting from which your colleagues will draw valuable information and feel as though their voice was heard. Remember to always plan ahead, and use a template for your agenda if you’ve never written one before to maximize your meeting’s effectiveness.

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From Harpo Studios to Living a Present Life with Sheri Salata

From Harpo Studios to Living a Present Life
with Sheri Salata

After an amazing twenty year career with Oprah Winfrey Sheri Salata’ s action packed days as Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey show were chronicled in the acclaimed docuseries Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes.

Sheri also served as Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN.

But now in her 50’s, Sheri was ready to fully live a present life! She is now the cofounder of thepillarlife.com and co host of the podcast The Sheri + Nancy Show. She is also the author of a powerful book “The Beautiful No”

Join in TODAY and here EXACTLY HOW Sheri Salata LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing.

In this episode, we talk about:

    • How you can live a more evolved life
    • What it was like to make a huge transition in life
    • Why NO is so beautiful

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Why Instagram Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Instagram is a hugely popular social media app that has caused major waves in the world of the internet by becoming a truly one of a kind photo sharing and social app. The reach of Instagram has quite a lot of talk around the world, and now it has also become one of the leading outlets for growing one’s business through this extremely versatile and efficient social media outlet.

There is obviously no dearth of social media platforms around the world. However, when looking for truly the best social media to connect with your audience as well as heighten the business’ reach among the intended pool of customers, Instagram emerges as the obvious winner. The minimalistic and effectual concept of the app, as well as the simple user interface and the design of Instagram, act as quite a magnet for attracting huge hordes of the younger generations to it. Hence, this way Instagram business accounts are always heavy on the traffic!

Visual marketing

Instagram helps one multitask and reach several social media platforms all while having to post content only on one. It enables its users to link photos, or visual content with catchy captions that further illustrate the picture shown, or add in-image links for shopping by the audience. Also, know the best time to post on Instagram. Try to post at a time when most of your followers are online.

A higher level of community engagement

Studies have shown that photos are guaranteed to bring 650% more engagement from potential customers than just text posts. This fact is further seen in the enormous success of photo sharing apps like Instagram where businesses both big and small are blooming due to this increased amount of reach. It illustrates the simple fact down to the T, that visually appealing posts garner a higher level of attention, thereby simply bringing in more traffic and business for the brand.

Reach more people with branded content and using hashtags

A wonderful tool provided by Instagram is the usage of tagging your posts with a certain set of hashtags that can enhance its exploration by users interested in such hashtags. This in turn, also helps in creating a specific type of content for highlighting your brand by incorporating all kinds of link ups like newsletters, blogs, other channels, and more. The usage of relevant and rational hashtags basically generates higher views, activities for the business.

Availability of helpful business tools

Instagram not only creates a certain type of goldmine for potential customers of your brand by helping generate user-related content, but it also acts a navigator between the brand and the audience by pointing out what works, and what simply does not. Tools such as insights and the option of turning yourself into a business account unlock features such as activities taken on the post, various of helpful feedback, and most importantly, whether the audience for your business is booming or not.

Hailed as the best photo sharing app of the global social platforms, Instagram surely goes beyond than that- there is a whole lot to it than what meets the eye. The followers of your Instagram may get to see a whole expertly curated posts that just enhance your branding and the credibility of the brand in the market. There is the extremely useful option of keeping various important facets of your business always highlighted, and also the tool of promoting the curated content acts as an indispensable tool to expand the base of customers for your brand. The more the number of followers, the more reach your account has. Some marketers also use Instagram bot for more reach and engagement.

Instagram currently boasts of having garnered one billion users to its name. The number keeps growing exponentially every day, paving the path of user-generated content and interface to bank on while promoting a new business on the Instagram platform.

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